The HOUSE OF CARDS for schools

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The HOUSE OF CARDS for schools It’s funny. It’s not so funny “Acerbic wit” – Publishers Weekly
“Offensive on so many levels.” — Angry Mom Now only $2.99  for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks versions!


After a murder at [...]

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Why did you write Chain Gang Elementary?

I tell people it’s my revenge for having to read Lord of the Flies in high school.  Actually, I first started on a completely different project. When I became a PTA co-president at a high-achieving public school, I was interested in publishing a non-fiction book—a how-to guide [...]

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Inside an “F” school

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This is a must-read for parents and educators–and especially reformers whose narrow focus is on what’s going on inside school buildings.

Everyone who wants to blame schools and teachers for what’s going wrong in American schools needs to read this special series from the Tulsa World, “Inside an ‘F’ School,” which details the factors that [...]

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20 grand in PTA money missing

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That certainly is a large amount of money. Not again, you say? Of course again. It happens all the time.  Now,  the allegations are surfacing in Westerville, Ohio.


10TV reports:

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – Westerville Schools and Blendon Township Police tell 10TV that there is an ongoing investigation into missing PTA funds at Huber [...]

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I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to post this before today, but one of the bloggers covering Chain Gang Elementary said the book reminder her of that old classic country song. And why shouldn’t it? So here it is, with all the twang Jeannie C. Riley could muster.

Momma, don’t [...]

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It’s a Chain Gang Day @FreeBooksy!

“Editor’s Note: CHAIN GANG ELEMENTARY is a tale of war between a PTA president and a grade-school principal. It’s funny until you realize the schools are *almost* like this.. then it’s not so funny.”

Check out the listing!


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“In the beginning, God created idiots. This was for practice. Then He created school boards.” – Mark Twain

A novel about adults behaving badly

“… Chain Gang Elementary is darkly funny, entertaining, well-written, and has a great deal of heart.” — Shay’s Word Garden

“Acerbic wit.”– Publishers Weekly

Click a link to [...]

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Get the Kindle, Nook, or Apple version of Chain Gang Elementary for only $2.99!

In recognition of all the testing scandals going on, I offer you this brief excerpt from my novel, Chain Gang Elementary. As you’ll see, Malliford Elementary has its own testing issues, which, in the ened, will lead to a scandal with a unique [...]

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