Atlanta Cheating Scandal: Two teachers cleared of wrongdoing

And three more were implicated. Oh well.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Two Atlanta Public Schools teachers accused of cheating in an expansive state investigative report have been cleared and are back in the classroom.

Kiatonya Wormley of Miles Elementary and Lori Dewberry of Jackson Elementary were allowed to return to work after state investigators notified the district there was not enough evidence to punish them for academic fraud.

Dewberry returned to Jackson, while Wormley was transferred to Kimberly Elementary, school officials said.

…“We have said that as these cases run their course and as people are cleared of any wrongdoing, that on a case by case basis they will be placed back to work. We are following through on that commitment,” APS spokesman Keith Bromery said.

The reversal doesn’t mean the report’s remaining findings are flawed, said former state Attorney General Mike Bowers, one the special investigators who worked on the probe.

About 180 educators implicated in the report, including five high-ranking administrators, could  lose their license to teach in Georgia and some may also face criminal  charges and termination.

“We were trying to do justice, but to be just,” Bowers said. “Where we are shown we have made a mistake, or read things incorrectly, we are open to revisions. But that cuts both ways.”

Three additional educators were implicated after the report’s July release, Bowers said.

Investigators said they do not expect more educators to be added or removed from the list. But they have said all along their investigation didn’t capture every instance of cheating, which reportedly went on as long as a decade in the district. The investigation came after a series of stories in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution raised questions about improbable gains in test scores.

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