Texas school teaches to the test, and only to the test

From the New York Daily News:

A Texas elementary school principal who was suspended is  taking “teaching to the test” to a whole new level.

For most of the 2010-11 year, Field Elementary School only  taught third-grade students two subjects — math and reading – according to a  July report by the Dallas Independent School District dated July 14 and  originally reported by the Dallas Morning News. Meanwhile, the students received  almost no instruction in social studies, science or other subjects.

To make up for the gap, teachers were encouraged to invent  grades.

The hyper-focus on math and reading set many students back a  year in most subjects, but boosted Field Elementary’s score on the Texas  Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test (TAKS). The school’s TAKS score helped  it earn “exemplary” status from the state of Texas.

For third graders, math and reading are the only TAKS scores  that count statewide.

According to the report, Field Elementary Principal Roslyn  Carter “directed and caused false school records to be created relating to  teachers of record, grades of students for subjects not taught, and grades from  teachers for students they did not teach.”

The report cited 10 employees for failing to report the  falsification of student records.

Carter is on paid administrative leave, while the Dallas  Independent School District investigates the false grade scandal.


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