HOO-RAA! SAT scandal guy to appear on “Sixty Minutes”

This is just absolutely freakin’ awesome.

I’m a whimsical and somewhat optimistic cynic, so the latest news about the SAT cheating scandal just totally and completely made my day, and maybe my whole year. Sam Eshaghoff–that Emory University student who used fake IDs to take SAT tests (at $1,500 to $2,500 a pop) for underachieving rich kids in New York? He’d going to be on Sixty Minutes! Just think for a moment what a great advertisement that will be for his start-up SAT-tutorial service!  This is just amazing. I can’t wait for the football games to be over Sunday. I’m going out right now to get popcorn for this!

Sixty Minutes is on at 7 p.m. eastern on Sunday. Don’t miss this one!

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

(Eshaghoff) told “60 Minutes” that he believed he saved peoples’ lives by scoring high marks for them on the tests.

“A kid who has a horrible grade-point average, who, no matter how much he studies is going to totally bomb this test,” says Eshaghoff, “By giving him an amazing score, I totally give him … a new lease on life. He’s going to go to a totally new college … be bound for a totally new career … new path in life,” he said.

The Emory sophomore told “60 Minutes” that if he could start over, he “never would have done it.”

Eshaghoff won’t serve jail time. But his punishment may fit the crime. Under a plea deal, he will tutor low-income students on how to ace college entrance exams.

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