Quote of the day, from Jon Huntsman

I like this guy. Apparently, some folks don’t. A smear ad came out this week—(from some Ron Paul supporters, though Paul’s campaign wants nothing to do with it)—suggesting that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman was a Chinese-speaking, Mao water-totin’ Manchurian candidate.

Huntsman’s response to the ad:

“I saw just parts of it yesterday. … First of all, it is just stupid. Second of all, yeah, I lived overseas four times … I speak Chinese, of course I do. If someone wants to poke fun of me for speaking Chinese, that’s okay. The thing I object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters and suggesting that there is some sinister motive there. I have a daughter from China who was abandoned at two months of age and left in a vegetable market, picked up by the police and sent to an orphanage.”

“I have a second daughter who was born in India in a very rural village … and left for dead the day she was born,” he added. “And luckily she was picked up before the animals got her, and she was sent to an orphanage for her safety, was raised and now she is in my family. So I have two little girls who are a daily reminder that there are a lot of kids in this world who don’t have the breaks that you do and face a very uncertain future … and now these two girls are on the presidential campaign trail. I say, how cool is that?”

Actually, I like him even more now.  And I’m guessing the ad will hurt Paul. To read the back story and  see the video, which is, quite frankly, not worth watching (not because it’s vicious, but because it’s so poorly done), click here.

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