So technical colleges don’t count?

Apparently, presidential candidate Rick Santorum doesn’t understand how much training auto mechanics (technicians) need nowadays, and that the best place for a young person to start learning would be a technical college. Maybe he’s the one with snobbish ideas about higher education.

From Inside Higher Education:

Rick Santorum is accusing President Obama of “snobbery” for saying that all  Americans need at least some higher education, The  Wall Street Journal reported. “We are leaving so many children behind,” said Santorum, whose candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination has  been gaining ground of late, in New Hampshire on Saturday. “They’re not ready to  go to [college.] They don’t want to go to college. They don’t need to go to  college. I was so outraged that the President of the United States [said] every  student should go to college.” Added Santorum: “I have seven kids. Maybe they’ll  all go to college. But if one of my kids wants to go and be an auto mechanic,  good for him! That’s a good-paying job.” As the article in the Journal  noted, it is increasingly rare for political leaders to express that view, given  that some higher education is now becoming necessary for many manufacturing jobs  that once would not have required  it.

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