A Chain Gang moment: Woman arrested for possesion of video camera

After receiving national attention, Rochester authorities drop charges against citizen who took video of traffic stop. While there are two sides to the story, police are gong to have to get used to the fact that they’re not the only ones who can collect evidence or document crimes and arrests.  It’s also been reported that police responded to a protest rally by pulling out rulers and writing tickets for cars parked more than 12 inches from the curb. Way to build community support, guys.  I see “How to respond properly when being YouTubed” training sessions in the future for the Rochester Police Deparment.

To see the video in question, click here.

From DemocratandChronicle.com:

At the start of court Monday, City Court Judge Jack Elliott announced that the television show Inside Edition had asked to film the criminal proceedings against Emily Good. Elliott denied the request, but the interest from the cable show was typical of the national interest in the case against a local activist arrested while videotaping a May 12 police stop in front of her home.

The court session Monday was brief, however, as the District Attorney’s Office asked for the charge against Good to be dismissed. There was not evidence to support the particular criminal charge of obstructing governmental administration, First Assistant District Attorney Sandra Doorley said. For Good and her supporters, the dismissal of the criminal charge was proof that she had been wronged when she was arrested by Rochester police.

“I’m feeling very good, vindicated,” Good, 28, said after court. “It wasn’t a crime.” The video of Good’s arrest has gone viral, attracting nationwide news coverage, i ncluding a live interview with Good on CNN. Though the criminal charge against Good was a lone misdemeanor count, her arrest became the centerpiece of a debate over the police response. Good supporters maintain that the Rochester officer was peeved at Good’s videotaping and arrested her without legal cause. Others claimed the arrest was justified, the proper answer to a meddling woman who could have put the officers’ and others’ lives at risk.

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