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Praise for Chain Gang Elementary

“(Chain Gang Elementary) raises issues of race, class and white privilege in a way that is very nuanced and thoughtful. The ending is great–I read the last quarter in one evening because I didn’t want to put it down! … Overall a very enjoyable read, one that will make you feel outraged, sad, and hopeful. 4 stars” — Book Nook Club

“Though the premise for Chain Gang Elementary sounded intriguing, I admit I went into it not entirely sure what to expect, just hoping to be entertained. What I got instead was a book that not only gripped and entertained me as much as any thriller – who knew grade school politics could be so damn Machiavellian? – but which also brings to the table some very timely issues about the state of education in America…” — Elizabeth A. White

“Those who have written education columns for newspapers, survivors of parent/teacher organizations as well as many others will find that Grant has done an exceptional job of weaving educational fact and enticing fiction together. For that, he deserves an ‘A.’” —Jack Kennedy, former president, Education Writers Association

“Truth or fiction: ‘Chain Gang Elementary’ cuts too close to reality. A novel that reads like daily news.”—Diane Ravitch

“Exceptionally well-written … it had me enthralled.” —John Pearson, Author of Learn Me Good

“(Jonathan Grant’s) writing is intelligent and real and I look forward to seeing more from him!”—Beth Alston, Times-Recorder

“…unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will most definitely recognize some of the characters in this awesome read.” —Jerri Ann Reason, Mom-e-Centric

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