Money talks and schoolkids walk

They called in sick. There were rain delays. Bridge traffic. The dog ate their schoolbus.

Actually, officials at Student Transportation Armerica, a transit company that provides school bus service to Duval County, Florida, aren’t talking much. But it looks like dozens—maybe even hundreds—of schoolkids in the Jacksonville area were left stranded because their regular bus drivers were out of town Monday, providing shuttle service to NASCAR fans for the rain-delayed Daytona 500.

According to the Florida Times-Union:

… (S)chool bus drivers in the Jacksonville area have been buzzing about the incident. But schools officials would not say how many children were left stranded or even how many schools were affected.

Al Stewart, a bus driver for Durham Bus Service who works with many drivers at STA, said the Daytona contract disrupted the service.

“As far as I can tell, and after the STA drivers that I talked with, it was 37 drivers missing Monday,” Stewart said. “They went down Sunday and they sent them back Monday. They were there for the day shuttling.”

STA faces fines over the missed routes. A company official said, “We had one bad day and we’ll pay the fine with a smile.”



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