Brouhaha over intelligent design book

A major textbook publisher has pulled an intelligent-degisn themed book from publication, pending further review.

From Inside Higher Ed:

Score one for science this week. Evolutionary biologists were horrified by the news that a scholarly press was going to publish a work in favor of intelligent design. But a spokesman for the publishing house confirmed to Inside Higher Ed Wednesday that the book’s publication is on hold as it is subjected to further peer review.

Earlier this week, the Panda’s Thumb, a blog about evolutionary theory, posted an item about a forthcoming book from Springer called Biological Information: New Perspectives. The blog-poster and other commenters said the book was a compilation of articles by creationists and intelligent-design proponents and Springer had no business publishing such “creationist pseudoscience.”

After the item was posted Monday, word spread and many more people started weighing in.

But information about the book had disappeared from Springer’s website by Wednesday morning, though a version could still be viewed on The company’s webpage, which just a day earlier listed the editors and a brief description of the book, had a message saying “an error occurred.”

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