Charter School bullies?

Well, the charter school’s name is Bullis …

Look, I’m not opposed to charter schools, but I think the people that advocate and set up charters should be innovative and creative, especially when it comes to developing facilities in cash-strapped school districts. That may mean raising large amounts of money or adapting underutilized buildings to house the school. After all, a charter is a new school. Above and beyond the call of duty for those who sign on, I hope.

 The idea that a charter school can use its favorable standing with the state to muscle other students out of their buildings is, to me, rather offensive. 

Anyway, in Los Altos, California, there’s a space war going on. The Los Altos School District’s charter school wants to push out the students in one of the local schools to make room for charter kids, and apparently they have state law on their side. Meanwhile, local PTAs and school foundations are fighting the charter school’s plans. Compromises are sneered at, and it’s getting right testy.

From the Mountain View Voice:

LASD and Bullis have been locked in a sometimes-litigious battle for years — with both parties unable to reach agreement on where the charter school should be located. In recent months, Bullis has been adamant that the district close an entire school, redraw attendance boundaries and redistribute the displaced students throughout the remaining campuses.

As a result,

The heads of the PTAs and education foundation are asking parents to take a stand against closing any Los Altos District school to give the Bullis Charter School its own campus. A joint statement signed by every PTA president within the district, as well as by leaders from the Los Altos Educational Foundation, was sent out March 17.

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