Chain Gang Elementary: “Required Reading” at parent-teacher magazine

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Chain Gang Elementary “Required Reading” in PTO Today

ATLANTA (March 20, 2012) – In addition to receiving praise from critics, Chain Gang Elementary is featured as “Required Reading” in the current issue of PTO Today.

 Jonathan Grant’s timely, poignant tale of war between a PTA president and a grade school principal has struck a chord with both parents and educators as well as critics. To get an idea of the novel’s bite, check out this excerpt on The Standard Hightower Intellachievement Test:

 “I tell people that writing the novel was my revenge for having to read Lord of the Flies in high school,” the Atlanta author modestly explains. But there’s more to the book than that.

Here’s just some of the praise being heaped on Chain Gang Elementary:

  • “This book is the show ‘Desperate Housewives’ wishes it could be.” – Indie Books List
  •  “Grant provides trenchant criticisms of educational policy … (with) acerbic wit.” – Publishers Weekly
  •  “Exceptionally well-written.” – John Pearson, teacher and author of Learn Me Good
  •  “Those who have written education columns for newspapers, survivors of parent/teacher organizations as well as many others will find that Grant has done an exceptional job of weaving educational fact and enticing fiction together. For that, he deserves an ‘A.’”—Jack Kennedy, former president, Education Writers Association
  •  “Truth or fiction: Chain Gang Elementary cuts too close to reality. A novel that reads like daily news.” – Diane Ravitch

 Book Description: After a murder at Bonaire Elementary, Richard and Anna Lee Gray seek a good school for their son Nick in a safe neighborhood. Their search leads them to Malliford, a ”school of excellence.” When redistricting sends scores of minority students to Malliford, iron-willed Principal Estelle Rutherford declares war on kids to raise test scores and save her reputation. Dissident parents revolt, electing Richard to head the Parent-Teacher Organization, and tensions explode. Welcome to Chain Gang Elementary, home to vast right-wing conspiracies, 3rd-grade gangsters, and bake sale embezzlers–where toxic childhood secrets boil over, reformers go stark raving mad, and culture wars escalate into armed conflict.

 I’ve attached the PTO Today clipping and a brief author bio, If you’d like to receive a review copy of the book, links to reviews, a media kit, or to set up an interview with the author, please contact

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