Fear and loathing in Atlanta

With apologies to the late, great Hunter S. Thompson.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has posted the State of Georgia’s lengthy investigative report into the CRCT cheating scandal in Atlanta public schools in three parts. The report is broken into three volumes, but you can access all of them here. Yesterday, officials reported that findings would also be turned over to prosecutors in Douglas and DeKalb counties, but my search of the document reveals no information on either of those counties in the big report–except that one Atlanta teacher took Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests to her home in Douglas County and changed them over the weekend.

The report details a culture of fear, intimidation and humiliation. In one case, a principal forced a teacher whose students performed poorly on the CRCT to crawl under the table at a faculty meeting.  And think: This is all a resulf ot our obsession with test scores and a mistaken vision of reform.

And meanwhile, kids get left behind—now more than ever.

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