This parent-teacher conference did not end well

The parent got detention. He also reportedly assaulted a deputy, got tasered four times, and couldn’t keep his clothes on for the mugshot. By the way, this story comes from Tennessee. Just sayin’.

What caught my eye abou this story at first was the headline from a TV station: “Man Arrested After Arriving Drunk To PTA Meeting.”

Oh, like that’s never happened before. Do you know how many PTA committees get together in Mexican restaurants? I remember a bylaws meeting where I was the only one not drinking magaritas. But I digress.

This was apparently some kind of Freudian slip by the headline writer. The article makes no mention of the PTA. It was a parent-teacher conference–to which sheriff’s deputies were called.

Keith Pippin, 32, was arrested on March 22nd at Lafayette Elementary School in Macon County, Tennessee, and charged with public intoxication, assault, and resisting arrest.

According to the Macon County Chronicle:

While being placed under arrest (for public intoxication), Deputy Carter stated that Pippin struck him in the chest, shoved him against the wall and began to run.

According to his report, Deputy Carter deployed his Taser as Pippin entered the hallway, where he went down but “got back up very fast, and took off running down the hallway.”

Deputy Carter then deployed his Taser a second time.

“At this time the Deputy thought the defendant was going to obey verbal commands and surrender, but as the defendant was rolling over, he grabbed the wires from the Taser and pulled them loose and took off running down the hallway,” stated Sheriff Gammons.

Deputy Carter was able to catch up to Pippin, but Pippin continued to resist, shoving the officer again.

According to the report, Pippin then escaped through an exit door, and Deputy Carter Tasered him a third time.

“As the Deputy was trying to get him into custody, he was fighting with the Deputy,” remarked Sheriff Gammons, “and while the Deputy went to try to Taser the defendant, the Deputy was Tasered and the defendant got away.”

Deputy Carter was able to catch up to Pippin a short distance away, Tasered him again and successfully got him into custody.

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