Atlanta cheating scandal: Heads continue to roll

There’s been a lot of personnel activity at Atlanta Public Schools lately, as the system continues its cleanup in the wake of last year’s devastating report. In the latest news, three more teachers face firing.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

That brings to 19 the number of educators the district has taken steps to terminate after months of delay and millions spent in payroll and legal expenses. APS is paying about $1 million a month to some 110 educators accused of cheating who remain on leave, but the system is trying to resolve the cases by the end of the school year.

The three educators from Parkside and Usher Collier Heights elementary schools were sent “charge letters,” outlining the reasons why the district plans to fire them.

Donald Bullock, who worked at Usher Collier Heights, is accused of making test available to teachers so they could change answers. Selena Wyatt and Terance Shipman of Parkside Elementary are accused of cheating by verbally prompting students to change incorrect answers on state exams.

Employment hearings will be held in April and May for educators who receive charge letters and want to fight for their jobs. Earlier this week, five educators received letters, including Cedric Carwise and Sabrina Luckie from Fain Elementary, Derrick Broadwater, Arlette Crump and Angela Williamson from Dobbs Elementary.

The newspaper also reports that 10 of 11 teachers who received charge letters resigned ratther than face a hearing, and the one teacher who went through a hearing lost.

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