Left behind: Georgia edition

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has done analysis of high shool graduation numbers. The facts shout down Gov. Sonny Perdue’s farewell boast of an 80 percent success rate.

According to the AJC:

A new method of calculating graduation rates reveals two things about Georgia high school students: More are dropping out than had been previously counted and a sizable number are taking five or six years to earn a diploma.

Georgia’s 2011 graduation rate plummeted 13 percentage points under the state’s new formula, to 67.4 percent from 80.9 percent. Before the new calculation, which was released last week, school districts often masked dropouts as transfers; they could also count students as graduates no matter how long it took them to finish.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis of the new graduation data shows seven metro Atlanta districts lost even more ground than did the state as a whole. In addition, 57 Georgia schools, 20 of them in metro Atlanta, failed to graduate even half of their students.

Click on the link to see the analysis. Read more.

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