No treasurer, no money? PTA funds missing in Ohio

Dawn Douglass, presidenta of the Orchard Hill Elementary School PTA in North Canton, Ohio, told police this week that that $3,351 of the organization’s money has gone missing.
The local paper reports:

“They were working through treasury reports at their regular meetings, and they couldn’t get reconciliation,” (City School Superintendent Mike Gallina) said. “They started to go back through and said this doesn’t make any sense.”Hoping the discrepancies were due to merely an error, school district officials suggested that the PTA hire an accountant to audit its books, Gallina said. He wasn’t sure if it had done so.

Complicating matters, the PTA has been operating without a treasurer. The PTA’s last treasurer stepped down around Christmas in frustration, Gallina said. He said he didn’t know why.

I bet a lot of folks in North Canton are guessing why. Read more.

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