DeKalb budget fix: layoffs, larger class size, tax hike

Tuesday night, the DeKalb Board of Education voted 5-2 to approve a budget plan that will cut expenses by about $45 million and raise taxes $30 million.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Without that $30 million, the board will have to look far beyond a list of 15 reductions recommended by Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson.

The biggest, a two-student increase in the average classroom size that would save $14 million, may also be the most controversial. Layoffs of about 70 central office employees would reduce spending by $5 million and a pullback in overtime pay would save another $5 million. Assorted other cuts, including the elimination of the Montessori program, transportation to magnet schools and elimination of 25 librarians, would make up the rest.

Atkinson withdrew other options, but they’re still on the table if the tax rate doesn’t rise. Among those options, are eliminating the pre-kindergarten program and outsourcing custodians.

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