Cootie alert

Thanks to our efforts to eradicate head lice with powerful chemicals, a newer, stronger breed of cootie has evolved. Yes, evolved.

Last Week, Indian Creek Elementary School in Kuna, Idaho was closed due to a severe infestation of the bugs. Up to 12,000,000 schoolchildren a year are infested by head lice, which suck blood and cause discomfort but aren’t really known as disease carriers. ABC’s Nightline devoted a segment to this problem, starting with a hair salon where professional nitpickers charge $300 to clear up a problem head. There’s even a “Hair whisperer” who specializes in confidential cootie removal.

She advises people who want to avoid the vermin to leave their hair unwashed, which seems kind of counterintuitive.

One woman has opened up several specialty salons across the nation and hopes to create the “Starbucks of head lice removal.”

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