Another five-star review for Chain Gang Elementary


This one is in the Midwest Book Review  (The reviewer gives it five stars on


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Chain Gang Elementary
Jonathan Grant
Thornbriar Press

I would have to say that most of us have experienced our fair share of upsetting happenings in our schools. I myself have had my days of battling bad teacher, bad students and bad administration. I have also seen great teachers thrown to the wind when they should have been given the highest rewards possible. Our hero, Richard Gray, seems to have a lot going on in his life that is spinning him around in his own world. His relationship with his wife is a story all its own. Now add to that being thrust into the world of the local school and all its pros and cons and you pretty much have his story. I really have to say I could relate to a lot that was going on in this read and I did chuckle some to be sure. I also cringed as I related to some happening that brought back my own bad memories.

Author Jonathan Grant, pretty much tells it like it is, if you will, in this read concerning what lurks in dark corners. He shines light in areas that grow in darkness and pulls it all together in a story telling way. Interesting read, well done.

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