NCAA decides it wants $60 million from Penn State

The NCAA has announced its penalties against Penn State for its role in the Sandusky scandal. No death penalty. The NCAA didn’t get to be God by being stupid.  And leave it to the NCAA to figure out a way to make money off this mess. Question: Where’s all that money—$60 million—going? Is it is me, or is the smell of extortion heavy in the air?

The sacntions, which include taking 112 victories off the record, mean that Joe Paterno is no longer college football’s winningest coach. Turns out he’s a loser.

So, is Grambling’s Eddie Robinson now the winningest coach? If so, welcome back, Coach.
Best of all, current Penn State players and signees can get out of town and cut their own deals.
Penn State sanctions at a glance via Huffington Post:

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