Chain Gang “darkly funny, entertaining, well-written, & has a great deal of heart”

Here’s a snippet of a very well-written review by Shay at Shay’s Word Garden:

What happens when a stay-at-home dad with demons in his past takes the position of PTO president (and soccer coach) at his son’s elementary school? Why, Machiavellian plots, shocking betrayals, a kinky affair, grand larceny, spying, bodies being unburied (literally!) and gun play, of course.

Author Jonathan Grant has taken a crew of Anytown stock characters and set them down in a suburban twilight zone of school year craziness. He eases the reader into this story so skillfully that it all seems completely plausible, not to mention hugely entertaining, when it all veers off into a wild and darkly comic bad trip of a climax.

Chain Gang Elementary is darkly funny, entertaining, well-written, and has a great deal of heart.

You can read the review at Shay’s Word Garden. If you have trouble reading the font, you can also read it at

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