Buh-bye. Jim McMahan whips incumbent in DeKalb School runoff

And good riddance. Paul Womack injected partisanship into what was supposed to be a nonpartisan race four years ago and ended up being a strident, divisive voice. He was pushing his party affiliation in the runoff, as well. I wish Mr. McMahan good luck and hope he is able to rebuild some of the bridges his predecessor burned.

From the Patch:

Jim McMahan defeated district 4 incumbent Paul Womack on Tuesday night in the DeKalb school board runoff.

With all 26 precincts reporting, McMahan defeated Womack 65 percent to 35 percent.

During the campaign, McMahan sent Patch a clear message about where he stood, saying: “For the fourth year in a row the school system has spent more money than the school board approved. If you feel like the school system is on the right track for academic success, vote for the incumbent. If you want your board member to get your school a cell tower, then vote for the incumbent. But, if you want the school system to focus on the students first, vote for Jim McMahan!”

Womack, the District 4 incumbent, told Patch: “I’ve spoken to a great many people and found that while there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with the school board, very little of it is aimed at me.”

Guess again. Looks like the people voted with their votes. 

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