Florida PTA starts school year missing up to $25,000

What a way to start the school year.

Springhead Elementary’s PTA is short between $15,000 and $25,000 to start the school year following some apparent board chaos last year. The treasurer at the time was elected president, but she has told a reporter that she is no longer affiliated with the organization. 

This debacle in Plant City, Florida will take some sorting out, and two law enforcement agencies are involved.

From Tampa Bay Online:

Bridgitte Kramer, president of the Hillsborough County Council for PTA chapters, said everything had been all right with the Springhead PTA earlier in the year — until there was a major shuffle in board members.

“I think that’s where the negligence happened,” Kramer said, “when it was not monitored quite as tightly.”

Lisa Shirah had been Springhead PTA’s acting treasurer when she was voted in as president in May, Kramer said.

In a brief telephone call Monday, Shirah said she no longer was affiliated with the PTA at Springhead.

Most PTA chapters are encouraged to do annual audits, and about 95 percent of them do. “The ones who don’t do the audits are the ones who end up having a problem,” Kramer said.

And now, Springhead — a school with many migrant and farmworker families — has a problem as it begins the new school year today.

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