Culver City crime: Cheryl Noda pleads guilty

We’ve been folllowing this case for a while, and now it’s gone through the courts. Cheryl Noda of Culver City, California, has pleaded guilty to grand theft in connection with an embezzlement scheme that financially crippled her elementary school PTA. By the way, unlike many PTA embezzlers, she actually spent a day in jail. One. 

From Culber City Patch

Cheryl Noda, who was charged with stealing funds from the El Rincon Elementary School PTA, was convicted of one count of grand theft by embezzlement in a Los Angeles court Thursday morning.

Noda was charged April 12 with two counts of grand theft by embezzlement, one count of second-degree commercial burglary and two counts of forgery. She pleaded not guilty to all charges at the time.

However, Noda pleaded no contest Thursday morning to one count of grand theft by emebezzlement. The four other charges were dropped. Noda will serve three years of formal probation for the crime. She has also been ordered to undergo 90 days of community service and has had one day of her sentence reduced after spending 24 hours in the LA County jail, Sandi Gibbons of the District Attorney’s Office told Patch.

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