PTA embezzlement: “That’s just wrong on so many levels”

There is a glut of PTA embezzlement stories to start the new year. One reason: that’s when the rocks get turned over.

This story comes from CBS Sacramento: 

AUBURN (CBS13) – Investigators say a former Auburn PTA president robbed hundreds of students she was elected to help.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says Traci Lynn Bucher stole $2,200 from last year’s school fund and investigators are still looking into whether she has anything to do with an additional $2,000 that went missing.

Bucher, 37 and a mother herself, is accused of embezzling money meant for Auburn Elementary School students.

“That’s just wrong on so many levels,” another parent said Tuesday.

Sheriff’s detectives say she went on a personal shopping spree using a parent-teacher club debit card. The missing money came to light after other parents realized the club’s math wasn’t adding up.

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