Forget bake sales. Cut us a check!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Momania blog has a post today on a new-ish fundraising technique for PTAs. Forget Sally Foster (giftwrapping paper); parents are being asked to simply write checks to the PTA.  Hey, it’s down to that, right? Let’s stop being coy and remember, Give until it hurts!

I just had to include this comment from Momcat On the Momania blog post:

Almost $2000 of our PTA budget was earmarked to laminate the class roster (could be emailed to 98% parents at no cost) and water bottles for parents on “meet the teacher” night. What a waste. PTA president said that money could not be spent for additional teacher supplies. Yep… I scaled back my donation. I wish more people would get involved. Your eyes would be opened.

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