“She needs to go to jail”

Money quote: “She needs to go to prison. Stealing from the PTA? Come on. That’s the lowest of the lows.” —Katrina Yale, former friend of Lisa Shirah

Here’s a case people should have seen coming. In the article, Ms. Yaled talks about a scam by Lisa Shirah that she fell victim to. You’d think she might have warned the PTA before they put the woman in charge of its money. Sheesh. By the way, another account notes that Lisa Shirah was president of the PTA from October to January, then switched to treasurer.  Interesting.

From the Plant City Courier:

TAMPA — When Lisa Shirah became treasurer of the PTA at Springhead Elementary School near Plant City, there was more than $25,000 in the group’s bank account.

A few months later, authorities said, the total was less than $600.

Police say the 34-year-old dental assistant and former PTA mom altered and forged checks and stole more than $16,000 from the fund that was supposed to pay for a variety of things to help students at the school that serves a lot of poor families.

Shirah was arrested by Lakeland police Friday and charged with 16 counts in relation to the missing funds. She faces single charges of grand theft and scheming to defraud, six charges of both forgery and uttering a forged instrument and two counts of theft of personal identification information.

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Rule No. 1: Never sign a blank check:

To write or cash a check, Lakeland police said, two other authorized PTA representatives must also sign the check.

Shirah is accused of signing the name of Liberty Libretti, a former PTA board member, on multiple checks.

Emma Angeles, another former board member, said she signed eight of the nine checks.

“Victim/Witness Angeles explained that Defendant usually approached her when she was in a rush and asked her to sign checks that were not yet made out,” the affidavit said. “Victim/Witness Angeles advised that she trusted Defendant Shirah and signed eight of the nine checks without question.”





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