Cobb County goes all Chain-Gangy with polygraph tests

Why didn’t Miz Rutherford think of this for Malliford Elementary School? Oh yeah. She was into forced confessions. Polygraphs aren’t much good in those cases. (Learn more about Chain Gang Elementary.)

Over the summer, Cobb County instituted the policy of conducting polygraph tests for employees.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

An orchestra director, a special education teacher and a custodian are among the handful of Cobb County school employees who, in recent years, have been given controversial polygraph tests, a unique provision allowed under the district’s discipline policy.

Cobb’s school board amended its discipline policy this summer to say employees who refuse to take the exam could be fired. The district, the state’s second largest, is the only major school district in metro Atlanta that uses polygraph tests to try to determine whether a person is lying.

Although administrators insist they rarely use polygraph tests, teacher advocates say that could change at any time and that they object to the test being used at all.

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Maureen Downey also posts on it in the Get Schooled blog.



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