And stay out of the Woodward!

With apologies to the Coen brothers. OK, so it’s not Woolworth’s. I still love that line.

Starting next fall, Atlanta’s  prestigious Woodward Academy administer random drug tests to high school students. Parents are for it (most of them, anyway), and while Woodward won’t be the first private high school in the area to do screenings, other local headmasters are reluctant to take such a draconian step to deal with teenage drug use. (A first fail can yield disciplinary measures including commnity service and a second fail may result in expulsion.)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

 “There’s certainly the impulse to be aggressive about this,” said Paul Bianchi, the headmaster at The Paideia School, which instead of testing for drugs focuses on drug education. “But I think [random drug tests] create too much of an adversarial relationship in the school between adults and students.”

… “You’re not educating the student’s best self” when he is taking drugs, said Bianchi, Paideia’s headmaster. “… That’s part of the deal that you’re going to try hard and grow, academically and in personal ways. If you’re under the influence … not everyone is entering into a clear-minded contract.”

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Also, Maureen Downey is blogging the issue at Get Schooled.

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