After uproar on facebook, grade school cancels beauty pageant

Charming–or Alarming?

Thanks again, South Carolina.

An elementary school event focused on “facial beauty” sets off a facebook protest and a quick cancellation by Indian Land Elementary School’s principal. This controversy became high profile when it was picked up by ABC News.

The pageant’s organizer remains defiant, fuming about political correctness.

Tracy Hyland, one of the pageant organizers, said she thinks the whole situation has been blown out of proportion.

“What really frustrates me is they need to look at the big picture. It was just an opportunity for a fundraiser for local people to get together for the children. Nothing like ‘Honey Boo Boo’ or ‘Toddlers and Tiaras,’ just kids coming on in their school clothes, waving to mom and dad in the audience, winning a title,” Hyland said.

The event was originally created to raise money for a $15,000 piece of equipment to be donated to the school, in honor of a faculty member who had passed away. The pageant was also going to be held at a local church because the school does not have an auditorium.

Hyland, 52, of Fort Mill, S.C, admits she did make one mistake on the flyer.

“My mistake, and I’ll admit it, is that I did not put on there it was a fundraiser. And because I failed to do so, I created my own personal fire storm,” Hyland said. “But the fact that in order to be politically correct, someone has stood up and said we can’t do this, and now they’re telling me a hobby I’ve done with my child for 20 years is wrong, that upsets me more than anything.”

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