Jon Stewart takes on gun-control opponents

Jon StewartJon Stewart looks at opposition to gun control

One of the things that hinders discussion of the issue is the SCREAM that rises up from many gun rights advocates whenever the debate starts.

I will say this: The fictional shooting in Chain Gang Elementary would not have been prevented by any the gun-control laws that I’ve heard proposed recently. Outlawing handguns isn’t going to happen. Here’s one reason why. (I oppose any attempt to ban law-abiding citizens from owning  them. Registration, licensing, closing gun show loopholes, and liability insurance are other matters, however.)

Unfortunately, as the old adage goes, “Every dog gets one bite,” so there are many acts of violence we’ll never be able to stop.  Increased security at schools should certainly be part of the debate—along with its costs.  

BTW, Alex Jones is one angry dude.

And under the equal time proviso, a note to Vice President Joe Biden: I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

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