OMG! PTA embezzler actually gets jail time

This one’s local, from Atlanta. We’ve been following it for a while.  Here’s the latest update, from Neighbor Newspapers:

Buckhead Mom arrestedArjomand_Maryam_ta_1369435lFormer E.Rivers Elementary School PTA member Maryam Arjomand took a negotiated  plea last week and was sentenced to 10 years to serve 90 days in jail.

Last year, she was arrested and charged with a felony count of theft by  taking, for stealing at least $85,000 from the school’s PTA  Foundation.

“We believe it may have been up to $100,000, maybe more. A  lot of it was cash donations and things we can’t account for,” said Tiffany  Harlow, Zone 2 community prosecutor.

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Here’s the previous post.


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