Teacher gives Chain Gang Elementary 5 stars

5 stars

Ladybug posted this review July 5 on Goodreads:


“I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel.

I enjoyed this book very much.  Being a teacher, and former treasurer of a PTO, I could totally relate to many things presented in this book.  The PTO at my small-town school is wonderful, and during the year I served as treasurer I never experienced any of the extreme politics as in this book.  However, I can see how things could get out of control in a larger school and district.  In any organization, personalities will clash and conflicts will occur.  I found it interesting that many of the characters lost sight of the PTO’s purpose, which is to support the students and teachers.  The characters often got caught up in their own personal agendas and forgot all about the kids.

I think it would be an interesting read if the author wrote the same story from the principal’s point of view.  (Although I must say, she sounded like a principal I definitely would NOT want to teach for!)

I would recommend this book to anyone in the education field, anyone who has ever participated in a PTA or PTO, and anyone who has ever had a child in a school where there was a PTA or PTO.”

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