Keep going to the end!

4 stars

Here’s the latest review of Chain Gang Elementary, written by C. Koens on the book’s Amazon page (where the ebook versionĀ is now on sale for $0.99—$5.00 off the suggested retail this month).

Keep Going To the End!

The book being based around the life of a PTO president made it different from other books I’ve read recently. I found it most of the book interesting, but it got particularly exciting towards the end. It wasn’t until very late in the book, that all the loose part of the story came together.

Richard is a flawed hero, and while there were times in the book where I because very frustrated by him, I was satisfied by how everything ended.

I liked how one character, who was looked down upon by the others in the story, turned out to be one of the real heroes.

I received a free copy of the book.

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