Violent femme: Mom assaults teacher because … believe the children!

Today’s lesson: DO NOT automatically take your child’s word when they accuse others of wrongdoing.

UFCThis example of fresh, hot idiocy comes from my home state of Missouri. Here’s the allegation: Simone A. Baker, upon hearing from her six-year-old son, who had been scratched, that he had received corporal punishment from his kindergarten teacher, rushed up to the school and promptly administered a beating to said teacher.

According to reports, there was no discussion, no complaint, just a thrashing after screaming, “You better not touch my child again!”  She allegedly struck the 49-year-old teacher four or five times and banged her head against a filing cabinet.  She fled the scene as the principal and faculty members arrived at the classroom.

Police have cited Ms. Baker for assault.

Meanwhile, according to a news account, “The boy was brought to school by his dad the day after the incident. The child has reportedly retracted his original accusation now stating, that his teacher did not scratch or strike him in any way.”


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