“Jonathan Grant just might be my new favorite writer.”

A review from Mama Zen at The Zen of Motherhood:

Tensions run high at Malliford Elementary when redistricting results in an influx of3d chain_gang minority students.  Newly elected PTO President Richard Gray just wants to do right by all of Malliford’s kids.  But, Principal Estelle Rutherford is willing to do anything to preserve her “School of Excellence” rating, even if it means sacrificing children along the way.

Jonathan Grant, author of Chain Gang Elementary (Thornbriar Press), just might be my new favorite writer.  You want to laugh?  Grant writes with smart, sardonic wit.  You want to be moved to tears of heartbreak or rage?  Grant can get you there, too.  And, he does it all within a story that speeds along like a bullet train and keeps you turning page after page.  Chain Gang Elementary might be every parent’s nightmare, but it’s a hell of a read, and I highly recommend it.

For a limited time, the ebook version of Chain Gang Elementary is free!

For a limited time, Chain Gang Elementary is free!

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