Book Trailer for Chain Gang Elementary

Authors and publishers produce slick little movies to promote their books. These trailers often cost thousands of dollars, and their effectiveness is debatable. (Obviously, if no one watches it, it’s not working.)

I decided to use a book trailer to promote Chain Gang Elementary, but I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune to do it, since I was already paying thousands of dollars to get the book printed.

Multitask, I told myself.

So here is my book trailer.  Enjoy:

The driver asked about the book and said he’d been a vice president at his PTA in Paulding County. “The principal hand-picked who she wanted on there,” he said.  “It can be a racket.”

I said, “You’re in Chain Gang territory now.”

I signed a copy and gave it to him.  A small price to pay for my book trailer.


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