Decatur Book Festival

Author confers with parent about the state of schools today

We had a great weekend in Decatur. I don’t think we could have asked for a better location, in the middle of Ponce de Leon right by the Starbucks. (Oh yeah, I DID ask for that location.)  The booth was decked out with a big orange and black banner, cover posters, and T-shirts everywhere. The title drew a lot of attention, and I’m happy to report that the book presents very well.

It was hot Saturday and a little bit wet part of the time on Sunday, but the crowds were good, a lot of people stopped by the booth, and several dozen of them bought a copy of Chain Gang Elementary and got a “Bad Attitude Mug” as part of the deal.  A collector’s edition of a book I co-authored and edited,  The Way it Was in South: The Black Experience in Georgia, also moved very well.

Teachers (and friends of teachers) were some of our best customers. We handed out hundreds of postcard flyers, and I’m pretty sure some of them are going to be in teachers’ work mailboxes Tuesday morning. We gave out the 50% off coupon code for the eBook edition, but just in case anyone wanted to get a copy FOR CHEAP ($4.00), here it is again: VZ37Z (Coupon expired).

We’re looking forward to more book festivals, and we’ll definitely be back next year. By then Brambleman: A Forsyth County Saga and Party to a Crime should on the Thornbriar Press table as well.

My Chain Gang: Nathan, Judy, and Laurel

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