Where to purchase Chain Gang Elementary

While Chain Gang Elementary made its debut at the Decatur Book Festival last weekend, it’s now available everywhere in both eBook and paperback formats. So, if you want a copy, it’s ever so easy to buy! If you want to test drive the book before you buy, you can download the first three chapters by clicking here.

Bookstore: If you don’t see Chain Gang Elementary on the shelf at your favorite bookstore, ask the bookseller to order it for you. The wholesaler has it in stock and can ship it within 24 hours.

Amazon.com: Go to the book’s webpage and buy either the paperback ($12.95) or Kindle version ($7.99).

Barnes and Noble online: Go to the Chain Gang Elementary webpage and purchase either the paperback or eBook version.

Smashwords.com: Go to the book’s product page.

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