Judge puts hold on mandatory drug testing at Missouri college

Update: A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Linn State, blocking implementation of the drug-testing program. Read more.

I read about this recently and intended to put up a post about it, but the Decatur Book Festival overshadowed it at the time.  I guessed this would happen, and it did, ’cause it’s a chain gang thing.

From Inside Higher Ed:

The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday sued Linn State Technical College over its decision to test all of its students for drugs. Administrators at the Missouri college, whose comprehensive drug-testing program is believed to be a first for a public institution, said the approach was justified because many of its students are in programs (such as aircraft maintenance) in which they will operate sometimes dangerous equipment. But the ACLU said that college officials’ acknowledgment that they will test students whom they do not suspect of drug use made the program clearly unconstitutional.

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